Electric slat base

Abuflex elektrisch
Abu-Flex electric adjustable 4-engine

Electric adjustable slat with a wooden frame and 42 slats which are made up of six layers of birch wood. The slats are locked in soundproof rubber caps that extend across the frame. There are 5 comfort zones included in this soil , the shoulder comfort zone is equipped with an exclusive sliding suspension . The hip area is individually adjustable by means of nine double slats. Color aluminum / silver / anthracite

This slatted frame is equipped with two engines each of them is two -engined . By applying this construction the slatted base is very flexible in adjustment. This results in a wonderfully relaxed slatted. The headrest is individually set from the back , the upper and lower leg section can also be set separately.


Cheoflex elektrisch
Cheoflex electric

Electric adjustable slatted frame with a wooden frame and 28 boards. These provide optimal support through the use of bi-directional rubbers according the balance system , providing comfort zones which you can adjust to your own choice. The Cheoflex electric has a additional neck, knee height adjustment. Colors:  beech with anthracite / gray rubbers. The engine can be placed either left or right .


Comfort lift
Comfort Lift

The Comfort Lift is adjustable by remote control. The Comfort Lift has a double wooden frame consisting of a frame for the lift and for the slatted base. The lift that upwards the bottom in horizontal position, is provided with a Dewert motor with a compressive force of 9000 newton. The Lift can bring the slatted bed base to a height of 35 cm. 

In addition, it is provided with a remote control that is optimally secured. The electrical slatted base belonging to this elevator consists of an extra -reinforced frame 28 and slats. These provide optimal support through the use of bi-directional rubbers according to the balance system , providing comfort zones which are adjustable . Additional neck flexion knee height adjustment. This bedbase is well known in the (medical) care sector .



Infrarood bediening
Infra red control

Wireless control for electric adjustable slatted bed bases and boxsprings.

Synchro Kabel
synchronous Cable

Cabel to serve 2 electric bed bases at the same time with 1 remote control.