Slatted legs

Pootstel Abuflex design pootstel
ABU- Design undercarriage legs


  • 1-pers: pull of  70 t/m 100 cm.
  • 2-pers: not available

Height: 31 cm.



ABU-Design foot bracket

This bracket prevends the foot from slipping of the matress.

The bracket is attached by screws.

Comfort-LIFT potenset
Comfort-LIFT undercarriage legs


  • 1-pers: pull of 70 t/m 100
  • 2- pers: not available

Height: adjustable from 31 t/m 38 cm.

Suiteble for every slatted, extra high.


Potenset zwart 1 & 2-pers.
legs set


  • 1-pers: pull off 70 t/m 100 cm.
  • 2-pers: pull of 120 t/m 180 cm.

Height:  adjustable from 23 t/m 30 cm.

Does not fit on the Comfort-Lift undercarriage.